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Apr 7 2019

Online Onboarding System

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding New Hire Employees

What is Employee Onboarding?

Onboarding is a broad term that applies to the process of engaging a new staff member to a new workplace. Right from the phone call where a new employee has been told they got the job, the onboarding process begins.
An onboarding process involves defining how your organisation sets its culture for new starters. This is done through an orientation on important policies and procedures for working in the organisation and information about the organisations goals, management team and more. The onboarding process should collect required documents and materials from the new starter such as evidence of training, compliance materials, payrol, HR details and emergency contact details. Finally, assessing the new starter to ensure they understand important materials with questionnaires and check lists.
It’s common for an employee onboarding process to have a certificate of completion at the end and schedule re-onboarding in 12 months time to ensure ongoing compliance. Onboarding applies to employees, visitors and contractors.

Employee Onboarding Software Features

Upload your existing orientation content!

Setup a dedicated company onboarding web portal and mobile App for onboarding your employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors into your workplace, site or project. Setup Employee Onboarding forms through to uploading contractor presentations.

Fully Customised To Your Requirements

One size doesn’t fit all, each portal can be entirely to how you want it to work, function and specific to your organisations workflow. Setup New Product Onboarding through to New Clients and online I-9 Forms.

Deliver contractor and employee training to workers online

You can set up the specific workflows you want new hires to go through including online forms they need to complete, courses they need to go through, assessments to test their knowledge, check lists, document libraries and issue a certificate or card.

Online Onboarding System with Library of ready to go Courses

Use our ready to go onboarding courses that you can edit and personalise as well. Courses range from work place courses through to safety and compliance courses.

Capture licenses, certifications and required information

Create online forms to capture trade certificates, insurances. HR information such as next of kin, new employee details, payrol details and compliance forms

Assessments, Check Lists and Document Libraries

Set up online tests and assessments, interactive check lists and a document library of your policies and procedures, plans and more. Employee Onboarding Software to do it all and online!

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Build Onboarding Forms

Check out the latest in building forms to make it so easy to onboard your employees. Either customise your own or load up existing ones. Regardless of your country, digitise forms such as Super Choice, Work Rights Status and Tax File Number Declarations, Tax Code Declaration, I-9 & W-4, Permanent Account Number, P46 form and much more!

Take the stress out of paperwork and automatically collect all the forms and information you need from your contractor, employee or visitor.

Automate the Employee Welcome

See what’s new with automating the first stages of an employees engagement with your company. From the welcome letter through to required forms, notifications and engagement steps. See how you can custom tailor the entire process specific to your organisations workflow. Right from their job application online, use employee onboarding software to streamline their entry into your organisation.

Employee Onboarding on Mobile and Tablets

Everyone is using mobile devices and tablets, it’s time your onboarding process did too. Search Onboarding on the app store and download the first result. Our onboarding app is the first resource to help you onboard employees, contractors and visitors into the workplace.

Onboarding contractors online before they arrive on site and collect insurances, conduct a safety orientation and test their competency

Onboarding new hire employees into the workplace before they start their job. Complete important HR forms online, conduct a workplace orientation, a safety orientation, online policy library and assessments.

Onboarding visitors into the workplace before they arrive on site. Conduct a safety orientation and site tour online.

Onboard new suppliers! Collect insurances, prequalification questionnaire, they manage their own users and much more


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