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Apr 10 2019

Nursing BS – [email protected] (Collaborative Degree)

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Nursing BS - BSN@Home (Collaborative Degree), REMMONT.COM

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Nursing courses in the shared curriculum are offered by all five institutions, with core nursing courses offered each semester to ensure that students have multiple options for course and program completion. A majority of coursework is done online, but some of the participating institutions do require at least one class to be taken on campus.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a four-year degree in nursing from whichever school you select as your home institution. Regardless of which home institution you select, your resulting degree is fully accredited and approved by the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

This program is for Wisconsin residents only.


This program is made possible by collaboration among these degree-granting institutions:

For more program information:

I was able to apply my coursework directly to my job as I progressed through the MSPM degree program. In almost all classes, I was adding tools and skill sets from the classes to my job as a lead project engineer on a daily basis as I learned about them through reading and assignments. My managers have recognized and acknowledged the new perspectives I have brought to my job as I have gone through the MSPM program.

Rick Verhagen
UW Platteville Project Management Graduate

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