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Mar 5 2019

Master of Special Education – Postgraduate study at the University of Newcastle

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Master of Special Education

Enriched learning experiences are the things that shape us, regardless of our capabilities or circumstances. You are a champion of this idea. You might be thinking that you could expand your learning and expertise to specialise as an educational leader with the skillset to teach students with disabilities or with learning or behavioural problems. The University of Newcastle provides a unique opportunity to fuel your talent for special education.

The Master of Special Education focuses your skills and builds your qualifications, knowledge and understanding to teach and support students with additional needs or disabilities in regular teaching and learning settings.

This program provides a wealth of opportunity for teachers and health-related professionals alike; those working with children and adolescents with additional needs. The course provides theoretical and practical skills so you can cultivate a rich learning environment for students facing unique challenges, supported by your increased and specialised skills in diversity programming and adjusted learning activities that are as individual as your students.

Domestic Student Program and Fee Summary

Note: This Program and Fee Summary is intended to provide an overview of the Program Requirements. It is the prospective student s responsibility to investigate the Program and Enrolment Terms and Conditions carefully prior to applying.

The University of Newcastle s Master of Special Education was established to offer educators and other professionals working in inclusive or disability sectors, a distinct opportunity to develop specialised skills and experience in the challenging, yet rewarding, field of special education.

The Master of Special Education combines the latest research with practical coursework to ensure you are equipped with the best possible teaching techniques to be an excellent special needs professional.

You will be able to specialise your studies in one of three key areas including:

  • Early childhood
  • Emotional and behavioural problems
  • General specialisation – where you can take a broader look across these areas.

The framework of this program has been based on the NSW Department of Education s requirements for special education teachers.

It takes a certain kind of person to dedicate their career to this field. Whatever your motivation, the University of Newcastle s online or on-campus Master of Special Education will equip you with exceptional skills and knowledge to make a difference in the lives of students in your chosen area of special education. All you need is a minimum of two years relevant teaching or work experience and an undergraduate degree in education or a related field and you re on your way to a rewarding and sustainable future.

How Will You Learn

Driven entirely by your passion for special education and learning outcomes of those less able than their peers, your journey through the Master of Special Education will cover a range of general and specialised courses. Coursework that develops your skills to progress the learning of students with additional needs or diagnosed disabilities will result in leadership potential in your chosen field.

This program will have immeasurable value for those in the teaching and learning sector. Yet the opportunities are also available to you if you have a background in allied health sectors such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, and Social Work, to name just a few.

If teaching and education is your focus, the Master of Special Education will enable you to take the lead as a special educator or learning support practitioner across Australia in public or private sectors. Be inspired as you develop your specialisation in one of the following areas:

  • Early childhood
  • Emotional disturbance/behaviour problems
  • General special education

The early childhood specialisation provides an in-depth understanding of the theoretical, social and cultural drivers behind the education of young children with special needs. You will explore the theoretical and practical components of special education, from the contemporary issues in early childhood prevention and intervention through to working collaboratively with families and other professionals to develop programs and strategies that support the social-emotional and communication skills of young children.

The emotional disturbance/behaviour problems specialisation will see you explore policy and administration issues, learn how to assess, program and intervene in behaviour problems, and master the teaching methods and techniques to educate students with behaviour problems.

Drawing on coursework from the other specialisations in the Master of Special Education, the general special education specialisation provides an opportunity to diversify and deepen your understanding across a range of areas including education of students with learning difficulties and behaviour problems and understanding developmental disabilities.

All three specialisations include a focus on special and inclusive teaching methods and techniques and the design and application of research to practice.

Where Will It Take You?

The University of Newcastle s application process is designed to be easy. Most of your application can be processed online, and for the rest, we are here to assist you to get yourself enrolled and ready to build yourself up to the next level as seamlessly as possible. Below is an overview of what is required and what should be uploaded as part of your application.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss prior learning, the best thing to do is give us a call or email .

The University of Newcastle recognises the value of informal learning gained through professional experience. Admission to the Master of Special Education program is available to applicants who can demonstrate a suitable combination of education, professional experience and industry qualifications.

Applicants will be considered if they can demonstrate one of the following:

  • Bachelor Degree in education/teaching, psychology, disability studies, health related field or a related discipline, plus 2 years experience working in a relevant field
  • Bachelor Honours Degree in education/teaching, psychology, disability studies, health related field or a related discipline
  • Graduate Certificate in a relevant field
  • Diploma in education/teaching with a minimum of 10 years teaching experience

If you would like your work experience to be considered, please provide a detailed CV, and a statement of service or signed letters from employers confirming your role, duties and period of employment.

PLEASE NOTE: All applications for recognition of prior learning based on experience will be assessed by the program convenor. The information outlined above is indicative only.


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