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Apr 8 2019

Home Water Purification

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Home Water Purification, REMMONT.COM

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Home Water Purification Systems

Whole House Water Purification Systems

Cleaner Brighter Laundry
You’ll see the difference. Soft water allows you to save up to 75% on soap products simply by allowing soap to do its job. The result: clothes last up to 33% longer. Puritan Water offers the best water purification system for your home!

See and Feel the Difference
Gone are the hard water deposits that damage hair and the soap curd that blocks skin pores. Also with clean, soft water, your fixtures will sparkle and shine. Hague water purifiers make all the difference!

Cleaner Bathrooms, Less Labor
With soft water, you eliminate the need to scrub soap scum. Think of all the things you would rather do than clean up hard water problems! A Hague home water purification system means less work for you!

Taste The Difference
Gone are the objectionable taste and odors that may invade everyday tap water. Enjoy the great natural taste of water. You’ll find food and beverages taste better and look better when prepared with quality water delivered from a WaterMax® water purification system.

Save Up To 30% On Plumbing Maintenance Hot Water Energy
Hard water is hard on your plumbing and the damage that results costs you money. Hard water also builds up a layer of scale in your water heater. Did you know that as little as 1/8 of scale could increase your water heating costs 30%? A Hague water purification treatment system is a wise investment!

Isn’t water just water?
Actually, there are three types of water. There is Utility Grade Water, Working Grade Water and Drinking Water. Utility grade water is water suited for watering your lawn and plants. It usually requires no water treatment. Working Grade Water needs to be higher quality because it runs through your plumbing, fixtures and water-using appliances. To make these essential household systems last longer and save you money, treated water is needed. Drinking Water is a key component of our lives. Since 70% of the human body is water, the water we drink and cook with must be the highest quality.

Do I need to get my water tested?
Yes. The test should include a minimum of hardness, iron, and pH. Puritan Water has the equipment to test your water accurately. We can also demonstrate the value of clean, soft water – and the cost of untreated water.

What is water tested for?
Some common problems with common tap water include the following:

Hardness of Water Unsightly water spots on fixtures, glasses and silverware are also caused by hard water. The hardness creates soap curd which interferes with the cleaning ability of your cleaning products and causes problems such as bath tub ring. Plus, scaling builds up with hard water, and can clog pipes and fixtures.

Iron Higher concentrations of iron can cause an objectionable taste and rust-colored staining of sinks, commodes, bath tubs, other plumbing fixtures and clothes.

pH Low pH water (acid water) can cause damage to sinks, faucets, hot water tanks, drainage and supply lines. These problems can cause extensive repair costs or replacement.

Sulfur Sulfur causes damage to plumbing and gives off an offensive, rotten egg odor.

Chlorine Chlorine is found to be objectionable in drinking and bathing water. Chlorine that mixes with organics in water, forms trihalomethanes (THM s). THM s are reportedly cancer-causing agents.

Can Water Max ® be installed outside?
Outdoor installation is common in temperate climates. Water Max ® is designed with UV-resistant materials to allow outdoor installation.

Do I have to change filters in the Water Max ®.
Never. The whole house sediment filter is built-in and self-cleaning. Every time the system recharges, dirt and sediment are sent down the drain.

What if I go on vacation or have guests?
Because of the Water Max ® Systems Control, you do not have to change, alter or modify anything. If no water is used, there will not be a recharge. If you have guests, you may have additional recharges.

Why don’t all water treatment manufacturers offer a 25 year limited warranty?
Quality. Nobody beats Hague’s quality. Ask us for a copy.

Does Water Max ® add salt water to my water?
No. Salt or salt substitute is used to recharge Water Max ®. During this process, salt, hardness, iron, etc. is washed down the drain.

Contact Puritan Water today to see how you can benefit from a home water purification system!

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