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Apr 8 2019

Conferences – O Reilly Media

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Conferences - O Reilly Media, NEF6.COM

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Kudos for O’Reilly Events

There is no better place to imbibe the most up-to-date tech zeitgeist than at an O’Reilly Media event. Gil Press, Forbes

The O’Reilly conferences are the gold standard for drawing together a critical mass of thought leaders. Steve Gillmor, CRN

One of the biggest draws of any O’Reilly event is the caliber and quality of the speakers, workshops, and information sessions. These events attract individuals who are pushing the boundaries and making serious headway to effect transformative change. CiviGuard Blog

O’Reilly conferences are ground zero for the open source alpha geek tribe. Jon Udell, Infoworld

. the O’Reilly event machine is unmatched in its ability to generate buzz and get everyone excited about topics that they’ve never heard of. Gunnar, OnePeople

O’Reilly’s interest is in delivering valuable content to people, in whatever way they can. Paperbacks, blogs, conferences, ebooks, podcasts. O’Reilly is a publisher, not just a book publisher: they find good content they think people will like, and package it in different shapes and sizes to meet the different needs and wants of their customers. Hugh McGuire, founder of LibriVox.org, co-founder of BookOven.com

. these videos are making me smarter and standing out at my work place. It’s been incredible. I strongly recommend this [Velocity 2012] compilation to anyone wanting to make a difference in their app performance. Santosh on Software

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